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CouchSurfer: Joystick-controlled armchair

Henry Snow and I built CouchSurfer on a whim as a 24-hour project in February 2012.  Most of the components for CouchSurfer were scavenged from CWRU Cutter’s old and unwanted components.  We started the project at around 9pm, worked through the night and well past sunrise, took a few-hour break, and then had a working, …

BSAE 2012 Rear stack

Baja SAE – 2012

While serving in a supervisory role as team co-captain I focused primarily on four long-term goals: recruiting, retention, concurrent development, and system modularity.  This was a new direction for the team, and it proved much more difficult challenge than I had originally intended. Though I vacated my previous positions as CNC/manual machining lead to focus …

CWRU Cutter Cinco

CWRU Cutter “Cinco”

“CWRU Cutter,” Case Western’s team for the ION “RoboMow” autonomous lawnmower competition, competed in its fifth season from May  31 – June 2, 2012, in Dayton, OH, placing third in the advanced category.  Replacing Andrew Smith as the team’s lead mechanical engineer, I was responsible for hardware development on the mower.  In addition to designing …

Chainless challenge CAD cutaway

Chainless Challenge 2012

From the blurb I wrote for the university press release: “Mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate students Nick Badger and Andrew Smith competed in the Parker Hannifin Corporation’s 2012 ‘Chainless Challenge,’ in which students designed and built a human-hydraulic hybrid bicycle. The competition was held April 12-13 in Irvine, Calif. Instead of a direct chain link …

Finished eccentric cam

Nottingham-Spirk Internship

I interned at Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates from May to August of 2011.  While there, I worked on various clients’ projects, including (briefly) BTE, Infusion Brands, and Delphinus Medical.  Several of the projects are nearing commercial release, and my responsibilities ranged from very minor conceptual input to ergonomics testing to project lead.  Probably the most noteworthy …

Baja team picture, 2012

Baja SAE – 2011

My involvement in the the CWRU Baja 2011 car (competition number 62, “Loki”) was much more substantial than it had been in previous years.  Though as manufacturing lead I primarily concentrated my efforts on supervising and coordinating component fabrication, as a senior member of the team I also served as a design consultant, and in …

Micro Wind Turbine

Micro Wind Turbine

  Design-and-build project for MAE 360 at CWRU during the Fall 2010 semester. I designed and manufactured approximately 85-90% of the project. The remaining 10-15% was created by Adam Jones, Bobby Bott, and Greg Miranda. The control architecture was developed by Bobby Bott and Amber Abbott. The entire project was completed in a 3-month timeframe.

Baja 2010 goes for a ride

Baja SAE – 2010

As a part of the CWRU Baja SAE team I’ve undertaken a number of manufacturing and design projects. Although my involvement in the design of 2010’s Car 48 was minimal, I supervised and / or machined several noteworthy parts of the car.  Specifically, I was supervised and assisted gearbox manufacturing and rear upright manufacturing, and …

Rapid Prototyped kinetic sculpture

Rapid Prototyping

Sometimes, you just need a project.  In this case, I decided to relax a bit and play with our Dimension FDM rapid prototyper.  The planetary gearset was made in a single build as an enlargement and revision of a class project.  Other than testing the capabilities of the machine it was built on, this is …


Shop Improvements

Eventually, things need fixing.  On a similar vein, a lathe without a tool rack makes for slow work.  Our lab supervisor would periodically send us shop improvements to make, and much of my early shop experience was working on these kinds of around-the-shop projects.