Erico SN-Series Nut

In August 2010, while working as a Student Assistant at the CWRU Bingham student shop, my supervisor (Jim Drake) was contacted by Eric Wilson, a CWRU alumnus working at Erico International.  At the time, the SN-Series nut was being producted by a wasteful and tedious matched-pair process.  Wilson wanted to test production on a CNC …

Baja 2010 goes for a ride

Baja SAE – 2010

As a part of the CWRU Baja SAE team I’ve undertaken a number of manufacturing and design projects. Although my involvement in the design of 2010’s Car 48 was minimal, I supervised and / or machined several noteworthy parts of the car.  Specifically, I was supervised and assisted gearbox manufacturing and rear upright manufacturing, and …


DIY CNC Senior Project

In spring 2010, James Tunningley came to the Bingham student shop looking for help and advice on his senior project, a small DIY CNC mill.  My supervisor, Jim Drake, provided him with machine access and instruction but referred James to me for engineering advice.  I provided some recommendations on materials and component selection and manufacturing …

Rapid Prototyped kinetic sculpture

Rapid Prototyping

Sometimes, you just need a project.  In this case, I decided to relax a bit and play with our Dimension FDM rapid prototyper.  The planetary gearset was made in a single build as an enlargement and revision of a class project.  Other than testing the capabilities of the machine it was built on, this is …


Shop Improvements

Eventually, things need fixing.  On a similar vein, a lathe without a tool rack makes for slow work.  Our lab supervisor would periodically send us shop improvements to make, and much of my early shop experience was working on these kinds of around-the-shop projects.

CWRU assembled ball maze

Maze Press mk1

The CWRU School of Engineering periodically gives away ball mazes to guest lecturers, donors, and other honorees.  The lab I work in is responsible for manufacturing the mazes, and their assembly is extraordinarily tedious.  To make it easier to mass-produce mazes, the head of the lab divided one of our classes into two independent groups …

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd

The Case Western Reserve University “Footlighters” group is the only musical theatre organization on the CWRU campus. It is entirely student-run and student-motivated, and completely unaffilliated with the CWRU Theatre Department. In the past, the Footlighters have produced such notable shows as Chicago, West Side Story, and Beauty and the Beast. In fall of 2008, …

A-5 Valve assembly, exploded view

A5 Revisions

Paintball is a hobby I’ve had for quite some time, but I’ve always enjoyed modifying and improving my marker – and occasionally designing new ones – as much (if not more) than actually playing.  In Spring 2008 I modeled my entire Tippmann A-5 in Solidworks in an effort to both better familiarize myself with the …

Crimes of the Heart set

Crimes of the Heart

Pictures from the set of the Antioch Community High School production of Crimes of the Heart. My design for this set was constructed by a crew of 5 students, all under my supervision. The design featured a working sink, painted floors, and on-set lighting – all of which were firsts for the ACHS theatre department.  I was …

Backyard Refractory

Backyard Refractory

My first foray into metal fabrication was with a homemade refractory in June/July of 2007. I made the refractory out of a mix of Perlite and chimney/refractory mortar inside a large galvanized steel duct. A smaller steel tin was used as a mold for the refractory cavity. Air was forced into the refractory by a …